3rd posting:Search engine

3rd posting:Search engine

In this topic it will be discuss about the term of search engine and the differences of the three main search engine that i have chose for this discussion. But before that i would apologize to my lecture cause i have yet not succeed in adding videos and music in the blog but don't worry Dr.Datin. I'm not giving up yet. And to all readers. Just hope you will enjoy this blog either educational or pleasure wise. So here goes nothing...

Have you ever wondered what does search engine actually? Or you just use it blindly without knowing what it is all about because the only thing you know that search engine is only a web-page that helps you to search things that you want on the website. If according to the dictionary.com "Search engine can define as a software program that searches a database, gathers and reports information that contains or is related to specified terms." . While if you look through the Cambridge dictionary stated that a search engine is 'a computer program which finds information on the Internet by looking for words which you have typed in'.Well~now we know the real definition of search engine. Now there are many of them. For an example google.com,mama.com, eric digest.com,Web crawler, Dogpile,yahoo,msn and many more. There are so many of them. Some you have heard and even used them but some makes you want to try them out. Technically they are the same but there are differences between all of them. Some are complex yet some are not. Lets discuss the differences between mama.com, eric digest and yahoo.com.


Mama.com is a "smart" metasearch engine which could search a variety of engines, directories, and deep content sites, properly formats the words and syntax for each, compiles their results in a virtual database, eliminates duplicates, and displays them in a uniform manner according to relevance.By looking from the appearance it is very simple and easy to understand yet its minimize the scope of our search which saves our time.Its being use for especially for educational wise and also looking for information. It direct us strait away to web-sites that is related to our need. Therefore it is one of the smartest metasearch.Besides that,Mama.com was created in 1996 as the master thesis provider and its operated by Copernic Inc.

Eric Digest

Eric Digest provides one way to access educational articles. It contains short reports (1,000 - 1,500 words) on topics of current interest in education. There are many topic which can be found here in eric digest such ad teaching,learning skills, higher education and many more.Looking by the appearance to me it is too complex yet dull then the other search engine. However it is very useful for educational wise purposes. Lastly, it had being produced by the former ERIC Clearinghouse system.


Yahoo.Com is one of the famous internet portal there is. It incorporates as a search engine and directly link to the www. which is the World Wide Web.It has various of sites and directory and its used not only for information yet leisure too.It is one of the easiest search engine. It contains hundreds maybe thousand or more websites and millions of pages. Furthermore, it also contain news, weather forcast and interesting topics infront of it. It also hyperlink to your email addresses and many more if you sign in. Yahoo was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was incorporated on March 1, 1995.


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