2nd posting:Blogs and education.

2nd Posting:Blogs and education.

Blogs are a common web-journal nowdays. It is not only being used for personal purposes yet also business and also political wise. In blogs we can share information,ideas and also the latest news around the glob. There is nothing impossible nowdays. Almost everything can be easily accessed freely anywhere and everwhere we are. As long as we have a computer and internet access. Normally blogs are being used as a personal thing towards individual yet it all dependent on the individual themselves. As we can see how blogs are being used widely but does it ever occur that blogs plays an important role in this high-tech society? And how does blogs enhance and improve language learners?
First of all, the answer to the first question is yes blogs do plays an important role in this high-tech society by giving individual the opportunity to write their thoughts and opinions either formally or informally. By,doing this individuals can enhance and improve their language especially language learners. The quote which says" Practice makes perfect" do apply in writing blogs or also known as blogging. The more we write the better it will be and the more information we put the better we will become on developing fresh new ideas. Moreover, it does not take space and environmental friendly because it does not acquire pen and paper. Not only that it also save time and money. Futhermore, it can also add pictures, videos and audios too. This makes it more interesting and users can be more creative from time to time. This will make the writer motivated to write more often.

Links article that are related to blogging:

P/S: I usually read health base and political base blog other than my friends daily blogs. Sometimes i go into motivational and also self-developing skills blog for daily reading wise. These are the some of the examples of blogs that i read.

As for http://animallawonline.blogspot.com/2007/02/animal-rights-activist-awarded-251k-in.html
This blog is about the law and the rights that animals are suppose to get. Not only humans has rights but also animals do have rights nowdays. The writer also writes about some real cases on abusing animals.

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